Acrylic Graphite/Charcoal Watercolour Photography

Growing up my father always use to say: “You’ll always find a fork at the road and I will try to guide you to the right. At times you might go astray to the left, but I will try to push you back to the right.”

I guess after listening to this old proverb so many times, I chose a career that allowed me to design the roads in which I and others would travel.

After 15 years of designing roads and years of traveling to the right, I’m going to take some chances and make a couple of left turns.

The right side offers comfort and security, while the left passion and uncertainty. The passion to create in my terms; to take risks regarding the uncertainty of success; to be critiqued and complimented; to experience.

In this, I pursue a dream where success is difficult, but the challenge to get there is rewarding.